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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  December 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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continue laying the foundation for a future palestinian state. we will redouble our diplomacy. when one way is lost, we will seek another. we've won not lose hope. peace is worth the struggle. it is worth these setbacks and the heartache. a just and lasting peace will transform the region. israelis will be able to live in security and have confidence in their future. across the middle east, an advocate of peace and coexistence will be strengthened while old arguments will be drained of their venom and their extremists will be exposed and marginalized. we must keep our eyes trained on
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future and recognize it. this is what makes the compromises worth it for both sides. we are now in the holiday season, a time for reflection and fellowship. the national christmas tree is lighting up the sky . jewish families have just completed the eight days of hanukkah. the festival of lights of every- even when the future but the market, there is light and hope to be found through perseverance and faith the bill might -- and thefaith. abraham is the father of all
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the faces of the holy land. he is a reminder that despite our differences, our history, and our futures are deeply intertwined. today we should remember these stories. sometimes you'll be asked to watch difficult roads together. sometimes the roads will be lined with naysayers, second- guess sears and rejections. the with faith in our common mission, we can and will come through the darkness to get there. that is the only way toward peace. that is what i hope we will keep in mind as we make this journey, this difficult journey toward a destination that awaits. thank you. may god bless you. [applause]
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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] thank you madam secretary for your very inspiring words. my wife and the secretary or kissing so i will shut up.
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[laughter] i am proud to act reduce a former prime minister. for the past three years he has served as the deputy prime minister and minister of defence. he has also served as chief of staff and is one of israel's most decorated soldiers. he fought in the battlefields and courageously has been fighting for peace, working very closely with this administration to move the peace process forward. process for thinking you -- thank you for giving us the opportunity. [applause]
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>> secretary clinton, the guests, and friends, good evening. last week, members of the jewish people of the world came together in their homes to mark the holy day. candles were lit and the lights in the house were lit with the glow of hope. each year the candles of hanukkah signify struggle for the mutual freedom, celebrating the time of the spirit and of the idea of this hope. the world of the maccabees changed history.
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they built an independent, so bring jewish state. the victory brought hope to our people after years of exile. we are fortunate to live in a generation that witnesses the miracle of israel's survival. isael's existed in it that strong and vibrant, the balding and striving towards the horizon. bearing in mind our painful history old as well as recent, we have an obligation to ensure our safety and strength. the united states is israel's leading strategic partner, strongest ally, and best friend. the u.s. is committed to
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preserving israel's character and jewish state. a sophisticated and fall full america believes the middle east should be is essential, but not enough. america will demonstrate its determination to stand up to enemies of israel and the bar moderate neighbors. former prime minister understood and recognized the great importance of nurturing a strategic relationship with a major power. this, if you will, is one of the foundations of our nation's security doctrine. founders of this movement were people of both vision and stature. they left behind the old order with a single goal, to create a modern society in the historic
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land of their forefathers. they strove to create an open society that would be a grisettes it society -- would be a progressive society. it would be jewish and democratic in the spirit of the declaration of independence up 18 -- of 1948. there would be a society where where young's -- israelis would be proud to associate. it would be a country that leads in science, technology, education, and culture. equality for all, human dignity, and quality of life. we can all be proud of the
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achievements the state of israel has accomplished until now. day by day, israelis are pushing the foothills and turning the impossible into the possible. from construction of solar energy -- the start that nature is erupting. as 2011 approaches, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. we have a dialogue towards a political agreement with our neighbors. we cannot ignore the new
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realities of the world. wikileaks will deeply affect international dialogue. in iran where the few threaten to destabilize its main elements of the current world order, nuclear proliferation -- faith in these new realities will require fall planning and combined action all leading members of the world community. i hope this cooperation will materialize. the center, the better. for the last 2000 years, three times each day jews have prayed and raised their eyes towards have been saying, "may heat make peace and bring peace on us." it is something that is not just talk about. it is prayed for.
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this is not a religion, but a means to realize a vision. there is a note back to him in the region. without peace and without -- without peace, both israelis and palestinians will continue to perpetuate the cycle of violence and bloodshed. the alternatives are far worse. nature dictates the need for tough decisions. all of these alternatives is the immediate and clear danger of
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israel's right of self-defense. our security is undermined by a loss at hezbollah. we must secure israel's safety and future in a tough environment. when we accomplish this, thanks to the military might of the idf and the unity of jewish people throughout jerusalem. we also need political wisdom. the world is changing in front of our eyes. it is no longer willing to accept even temporarily our continued war between two people. what is to be done?
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it is essential that israel will have a comprehensive strategy in which we take the initiative to advance israel's goals. i recount them one by one. number one, first and foremost, maintaining our spatial relationship with the united states of america in order to strengthen our defense and ensure our qualitative means as well as protecting our posture in the world. number two, increasing cooperation and deepen common interest with the moderate leadership. creating a political horizon by continuing to isolate hamas. number four, established the foundation to beef up security.
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this will encompass all the coalition's, finalize all claimants, and bring an end to the conflict as a whole. number five, pro-active attempts to peacefully remove soldiers. number six, building eight multi-layer interception system against rockets. this can significantly reduced the damage from future attacks and deter future aggression. number seven, last but not least, an event in nuclear iran. iran has become the world's alternate terror, arming, training, and financing. they are determined to reach nuclear weapons and determined
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to antagonize the jewish world. diplomacy should remain the first tool of choice. it remains essential not to remove any options from the table. i would be happy to hear that president clinton shares with us and with president obama at the white house. what guides us in the peace process? the nature of the challenge is sharp, painful, and simple. 43 years ago in a world thrust upon us, we took over land and territories with great emotional significance for the jewish people. but another people was there. one that numbers 1 million and has its own plight.
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this requires decisions and answers. 11 million people live between the jordan and the mediterranean. 7.5 million israelis and the rest are palestinians. there is only one political entity called israel controlling all this area, it will become inevitable either among a jewish state or a democratic one, it this palestinian bloc would vote it is a democratic state. if they will not vote, it is not a democratic state. sit by securing peace and security, we are not doing the palestinians a favor. we are simply working towards ensuring the future identity and success of israel.
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we are shaped by assets, not by sound bites and slogans. a, at the dead of states for two people. -- two states for two people. see, holding the majors ultimate loss under israeli sovereignty and bring the isolating supplements back home. d, solving the refugee problem within the palestinian state. e, we will discuss with reference to western jews and the jewish suburbs which are not
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heavily populated. agreed upon solutions in the holy basin. f, signing a new agreement that declares an end to the conflict and fidelity of future claims. g, this must be based on strict security arrangements. it is a tough neighborhood. it is not for the week. -- it is not for the weak. the palestinians must knowledge that they have no chance of defeating or weakening israel. our experience dictates the security arrangements must include compelling elements. preventing rockets and missiles
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from entering the west bank. providing effective operational answers for future potential unconventional attacks from our narrow eastern border. having spent most of my adult life fighting for israel in uniform, i allowed myself to state loud and clear that there is no contradiction professional or otherwise between the two state solution and the security of israel. on the contrary, the two states for two people is the key condition for enabling israel to continue developing the tools for a modern society. the pessimists fills difficulty in every opportunity.
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the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. i am aware of the difficulty, but i am also optimistic and believe it can be done. this critical hour may also be the finest hour for the people on both sides. despite good faith efforts, together with demonstrations, we were unable to launch the second moratorium in 90 days. that should not keep us from losing sight of what needs to be done. we must find a way to renew negotiations with the palestinian leadership headed by president abbas and prime minister fayed. we need to overcome suspicions on all sides. in israel, we have to go beyond
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egos, expand the government if needed, and brace ourselves for the immediate task of moving decisively forward. i believe that the coming few weeks can enable us to find a way to make it better. millions of eyes in the middle east and around the world are looking at us, expecting us to do just this. i acknowledge thisati am doing everything in my power to ensure that this opportunity will not be missed. we must leave up to -- we must live up to our responsibilities to provide leadership and not lose touch with reality. paraphrasing president kennedy,
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[unintelligible] it is the one most consistent with our character and courage. i pledge to you that we will continue to struggle for israel's security by working determinedly to achieve peace. the lord will give its people strength. amen. thank you very much. shabot and shalom. [applause]
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there was no evidence of any magistrate that at a search warrant them listen to the argument on c-span on radio at 90.21. >> middle and high school students, as you work and your documentaries, here are a few tips from our judges. >> 1 thing i look for is you, the student. i want to see you and your personality and that helps make your video stand out from all the rest. >> what i like to see the most is a real investment in care in the topic that you will be telling us about. be sure to be interested in what you are telling us. if you're not interested in what you're telling, we probably won't be either. one tie-breaker for me last year
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was the requirement on using cspan video. i am looking for videos where people have looked at the cspan content and used the elements that made the most sense for the story you will tell them up for for all information and how to off load your video, go to >> former president bill clinton spoke with reporters at the white house today in defense of the tax cut agreement between president obama and congressional republicans. he urged the senate to ratify the start missile treaty. this unannounced appearance happened shortly after a private meeting in the oval office. this is about 35 minutes.
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>> the agreement we have struck to provide billions of dollars in payroll tax cuts -- cuts back and immediately rejuvenate the economy as well as tax cuts for middle-class families, unemployment insurance for folks who desperately need it, credits for college, credits for jobs as well as a range of business investment credits are so important to make sure we keep this recovery moving. i just had a terrific meeting with the former president, president bill clinton, and we just happen to have this as a topic of conversation i thought that given the fact that he presided over as good an economy
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as we have seen in our lifetimes that it might be useful for him to share some of his thoughts. i will let him speak very briefly and i have to go over and do one more christmas party. he may decide he wants to take questions but i want to make sure that you guys hear from him directly. >> thank you. thank you very much, mr. president. first of all, i feel awkward being here and now you will lead me all by myself? [laughter] let me just say a couple of things. first of all, i still spend about one hour a day trying to study this economy. i am not running for everything but i try to figure out what to do. i have reviewed this agreement that the president reached with republican leaders.
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i want to make full disclosure. i make quite a bit of money now. the position that the republicans have urged will personally benefit me. on its own, i would not support it. because i don't think my tax cut is the most economically e efficient way to get the economy going again. i don't want to be in the dark about the fact that i will receive the continuation of the tax rates. however, the agreement taken as a whole is, i believe, the best bipartisan agreement we can raise to help the largest number of americans and to maximize the chances that the economic recovery will accelerate and create more jobs and minimize the chances that it will slip back which is what has happened in other financial collapses like what japan faced.
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that is something we have to avoid in america. why do i say that? clearly the extension of unemployment which gives people a percentage of the income they were previously making, that money will be spent and it will bolster the economy through the next couple of years. secondly, the conversion of the pay package that went to 95% people, converting that into $120 billion payroll tax relief act is, according to all the economic analysis, the single most effective tax cut you can do to support economic activity. this will actually create a fair number of jobs. i expected to lower the unemployment rate and keep us
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going. thirdly, one thing i have not seen much about in the reports -- this agreement will really help americans over the long term because it continues to give credits for manufacturing jobs with the energy coming into america. in the last two years, there has been 30 high-powered battery factories either open or presently being built america taking us from 2usto 20% and will probably be at 40% by 2013. this is a huge multiplier to create new jobs. in my opinion, this is a good bill. i hope that my fellow democrats will support it. i think republican leaders for agreeing to include things that were important to the president. there is never a total
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bipartisan bill in the eyes of a partisan. we'll see this differently. i really believe that this will be a significant net plus for the country. i also believe that people are breathing a sigh of relief that there has been agreement on something. don't minimize the impact of the unemployment relief for working families of the payroll tax relief. of the continuation of the incentives to grow jobs which will trigger more credit coming out of the bank's. ultimately, the long-term answer is to get the $2 trillion that banks haven't cash reserves out in the economy. the $1.80 trillion in corporate treasuries not being invested now out there in the economy, i think this is a net plus. you know how i feel -- the
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people who would benefit most should pay most pri that has always been my position, for reasons of fairness and rebuild in the middle class america. we have the distribution we have now and the congress we will have in january, this is a much, much better agreement than would be reached if we were to wait until january. i think we will have a much more positive impact on the economy. for whatever it is worth, that is what i think. i would like to say what other thing on another subject just to be recorded on record they don't need my support on this. there is good republican support including the first president bush. i think this start agreement is very important to the future of our national security. it is not a radical agreement. boris yeltsin agreed with me in principle on this same reduction
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and there was no way he could get it through the russian politics in his second term. we did not succeed because it could not be ratified there. i am not sure the senate would have ratified it then but i think they will now. given enough encouragement. the cooperation that we will get from the russians and the signal that will be sent to the world on non-proliferation, when all these other things are going on which threaten to increase nuclear proliferation, is very important when people full with these weapons, they are expensive to build, expensive to maintain, and expensive to secure the material that goes into making the weapons. this is something that is profoundly important for the should be way beyond parties. they have worked very hard on the details and i hope it will be ratified.
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in january, the republicans will be in the majority. this would dramatically reduce their incentive to extend unemployment benefits, to support the conversion of the make work pay tax credit that president obama worked into this tax credit. every single unbiased economic study says the best thing you can do if you're going to take a tax cut that to build the economy is if you give a payroll tax credit. i just came back from asia.
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hong kong which is a super-free marketplace had a stimulus. i guess we are not supposed to use that word anymore. it gave almost 10% of the working people two months free rent and public housing and gave money to the seniors. the most important thing they did was payroll tax relief. this is all the people who study this believe this is the number one thing. i don't think they can get a better deal. waiting period the one thing that nobody is talking about -- i live out there now and i do energy work. these tax credits have made us competitive again. i have yet to see a single story that credited senator reid's election with the fact that three weeks before the election, two new plants were announced in nevada which has the highest unemployment rate in the state. thousands of people making led lights and wind turbines.
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both companies are owned by chinese interests. they said they are here because you decided to compete with us for the future and you gave as tax credits so we can pay higher labor costs. i don't believe there is a better deal out there. >> you mentioned the republican congress taking office in january. what was your advice to president obama today about how to deal with the congress? >> i have a general rule which is what ever he asks me about and what ever i said should become public only if he decides to make a public. >> what i will say is that i have been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour. i will take off. >> i now want to make her mad, please go. >> you are in good hands. >> thank you.
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>> mr. president, is there anything else that can be done in your opinion to loosen up the private credit markets that have been so tight? if people can't get their hands on capital, how can they be the entrepreneurs that they want to be? this is something the republicans have thought all along? what the next step? >> let me run for the numbers again. we are not talking about high- risk stock. that is what the financial regulation bill addresses. it's the wall street banks -- they have to be able to have more leverage than the traditional community banks. let's start with the community banks. if they love money conservatively, they can loan $10 for every dollar they have in the bank. if they have $2 trillion not committed to loans, even though
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some of them may have a few mortgage issues unresolved, most of that mortgage debt has been offloaded to fannie mae or freddie mac or has vanished with securitized the subprime spir mortgages. i don't like that but it happens. what i believe is going on is, first of all, the business community has not come or as aggressively and of this bill preserved the small business incentives that were enacted by congress in the previous two years. there are 16 different measures to give incentives to small businesses to take loans. it appears to me that the community banks, at least, are somewhat uncertain about how the
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financial reform bill, which i supported, applies to them and what the cost of compliance might be. the two big things that bill did was to require that federal regulators to monitor every month of the big banks because of the meltdown. they were required to set aside more capital and it set up an orderly bankruptcy mechanism and banned future bailouts. they said this happens again, the shareholders have to eat it. there are other matters like credit cards to deal with. i think it is very important just to do an aggressive 100% information branch. i would do a bank by bank so that everybody knows exactly what they have to do and what it costs and how quickly this can be resolved. then, i think it is important to make sure these community banks and the people who might borrow from them understand where the
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small businesses of america are, where the manufacturers are with the various the loan guarantees and credits and deductions that are available under these laws. we too often assume that when a law passes, people know what is in it and how to apply it. that may not be true in this case. there has been so much activity and some is debate about it. that occurred in the context of a campaign. in my opinion, that is what needs to be done over the next two or three months. the money is there to get the country out of this mess. $2 trillion in the bank is $20 trillion in loans. i believe the same thing with big companies. we should analyze the situation
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that every company has $1 billion in cash and asked them to be honest about what it would take them to invest. these companies clearly have a preference for reinvesting in america or they would have put this money somewhere else already. it is an amazing thing, $1.80 trillion in corporate treasuries. it has been since 1964 that they had those kind of cash balances relative to their value. those are the things that i think we have to do now. i can't answer your question accept the bankers i talked to in arkansas and small places that i visit where i live in new york, they say they know we need to ramp up the activity. we have to get the green light about how we can comply with these laws and we will go. you might be able to use the program to do it.
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you might be able to work through this stuff. i think they don't know yet. >> some of your fellow democrats say the president did not go in and fight hard enough for his core principles, that he caved in. politically, some say he should be a one-term president. as the damaged his own political position but as he left the party down? >> i don't believe so. i respectfully disagree about that. a lot of them are hurting now and i get it. i did 133 events for them. i believe the congress in the last couple of years did a far better job than the american people thought they did. i went to extraordinary efforts to try to exploit what i thought had been done in the ways that were most favorable to them.
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we had an election and the results are what they are. the numbers will get worse in january in terms of negotiating. if we had a 5% growth and unemployment was dropping, maybe you could have a so-called mexican standoff. that is not the circumstance we face. the united states has suffered a severe financial collapse. these things take longer to get over than normal recessions. we must first make sure we keep getting over it. we don't want to slip back down. in order to make it happen over the long run, we have to go beyond direct investments
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whether they are stimulus projects or tax cuts to private growth. to get there, we have to achieve a high level of growth that triggers confidence. i personally believe this is a good deal and the best he could of got under the circumstances i understand why people disagree but i disagree with that them. >> you made a number of very effective calls for the health care plan last year. have you been asked to make any call to democratic members on the tax deal? there are many comparisons being made between 1994 election and the 2010 election. do you think those are analogous? >> it is like all these things. all of you will be under enormous pressure to develop a story line. there are some parallels and some that are different. i will let you do that. i am out of politics except to say i care about my country and
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i want to get this economy going again. i believe it is necessary for these parties to work together. for example, the story line is how well we work with the republicans. we played political kabuki for one year. we cannot afford that year -- now. we can only afford that when -- during the best of times. people did just not feel that the economy was coming up. we cannot afford that. we have to pull together and both sides will have to eat some things they don't like very we cannot afford to have the kind of impasse that we had last time over a long period of time. we don't want to slip back yen to a recession. we have to keep this thing going and accelerate its pace. i think this is the best available option. in fairness, as soon as the
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election was over, i took my foundation trip to asia and i just came back. i just got back from the west coast. i flew overnight to get here today. i have to leave again tonight. if i were asked to, i would be happy to talk to anyone but i have not been asked. the president did not have a chance to. hillary and i are appearing before the forum on the middle east tonight. >> are you happier to be here commenting and giving advice than governing? >> i had a good time governing. i am happy to be here, i suppose, when the bullets are fired are unlikely to hit me unless they ricochet. i am glad to be here because i
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think the president made a good decision and because i want my country to do well. before the election, i said the american people put us in the same boat. we will have to row or sink and i want us to row. i have a long talk with the prime minister today. he has done a remarkable job being a loyal prime minister but not being involved in the political imbroglio going on. there was a decision by the electoral council to review the vote in its entirety. as some -- bay as some outside observers to come in who are credible and knowledgeable. they will announce exactly how
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they propose to do. today was a pretty calm day and they expect the weekend to be the same. we will have our commission meeting next week. we may move it to the dominican republic. the best thing we can do for the people of haiti is to prove that the donors are still committed to the long-term reconstruction process, whoever gets elected. the best bang they can do is everyone understands they had to carry out this election under difficult circumstances, even getting the id cards out. what i can say is that it appears they will try to have a recount procedure which they hope will acquire more support from across the political spectrum. meanwhile, we want the commission to keep working.
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the world bank just released about $70 billion of the $90 billion in prizes we approved a few months ago and we will hire more people and we will approve many more projects on the 14th. that is my focus now. >> do you think your appearance here today will help sway votes where they are needed among house democrats? many of them are sort of antsy. they are worried about triangulation. your parents might not necessarily put them in that direction. -- your appearance might unnecessarily puts them in the right direction. >> you should read a letter that franklin roosevelt gave in 1926 before he was the vice- presidential and before he came down with polio to his old alma
6:49 am
maters. . he discussed the dilemma of politics in america. i have an enormous amount of respect for the democrats in the house. i have already told you that i regret the summoning of them lost. some of our best people lost. i get where they are coming from i can only tell you that by economic analysis, given all the alternatives that i can imagine actually becoming law, this is the best economic results for america up. i think it is enormous relief for america to think that both parties might vote for something, anything, that they can both agree on there is no way that you can have a compromise without having something in the bill that you don't like i don't know if i can influence anybody. heck, i go some places, all i
6:50 am
can tell you is what i think. >> what do you think about concerns about the short-term and long-term deficit? >> i don't think i did a good enough job in this election season. i am not sure we did. the difference between now and when i became president when we immediately went after the deficit is quite simple. when i became president, it was after 12 years in which the cumulative debt of the country had risen from 01 dollars trillion to $4 trillion. it was the first time in american history when we had run structural deficits. of any size. so, we had to pay too much for
6:51 am
money. it was causing us to borrow money in the public sector, taking 14 cents of every dollar on the debt at the time and it was crowding out the opportunity of the private sector to borrow money and raising their cost. that sparked the recession we have in the early 1990's. what happened this time was totally different. this time, there was a collapse of the financial system which took interest rates to zero. people ought to say that the interest rates went up on indebtedness. is it because of the increase of the deficit in the short term or the economy growing? that does not bother me. we have to get out of a deflationary. the biggest problem we have is deflationary. i am a depression-era kid.
6:52 am
i don't like deficit. s. we had four surpluses when i was president. that is what i like. i like balanced budgets and surpluses. if i were in office, i would have done with the president has done. you have to first put the brakes on the contracting economy and you have to somehow hold it together until growth resumes. when it resumes, you have to have interest rates higher than zero. if they get too high, you will be alarmed, but you should be encouraged that interest rates are beginning to creep up again. that is the son of a healthy economy. -- that is the sign of a healthy economy. i think we have to eliminate the structural deficit again. it is not safe to go back there. if america had normal dad and we
6:53 am
did not have to borrow money from our major trading partners, we would have more economic freedom and more economic security. i want to see what comes out of this but i expect to support vigorous actions to eliminate the deficit and give us back the balance. one more -- >> there are enormous issues on education to energy and the deficit. do you think the american people want a president to compromise with the opposing party? is that something democrats have to accept? >> yes, but i also believe it is a message that republicans have to accept. the really interesting thing is that a lot of the hard-core conservatives think the republicans gave in too much. charles krauthamer's article
6:54 am
in the post, he is a brilliant man, they got the tax cuts but most of them were targeting the middle class working -- working people. the unemployment benefits were extended with some of them did not want to do. the american people 2-1 support them both. there are some conservatives that don't believe in the economic theory i just advanced, though believe that the president and democrats got more out of this than the republicans. i think that is healthy, too. everybody has to give a little. i think the one thing that always happens when you have divided government is that people no longer see principals compromised as weakness. this system was set up to promote principal compromise.
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it is an ethical thing to. in a democracy where no one is a dictator. we would all be at each other's throats all the time and we would be in a state of constant paralysis if one path -- if there is no compromise. >> what would you tell democrats? >> i think it is worth fighting against the repeal of the health care law. i would be in favor -- i can give you four or five things that should be done to improve it. it is worth a ferocious fight to not repeal the student loan program. i think it is worth fighting against repeal of financial reform and the assurance it gives us we will not have another meltdown in it would there is, there won't be another meltdown.
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bail out. they will be able to have these differences. this holds the promise that after the fights over, we will be able to find principle compromises in those areas as well. to me, that is worth doing. the economy first. we cannot go back into recession. we have to keep crawling out a mess we are in and this is a good first step, both on the substantive merits and the psychological relief it gives to the american people in general and a small business people and community bankers and others who can start doing things. thank you. >> that counts as monday's briefing dari. [laughter]
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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> next, "washington journal." then president obama talks about u.s. exports. after that, remarks by the sea b zero ofoeing. in london, students riot over higher tuitions and residents were about program cuts and politicians debate the english debt crisis. q &a expense into two programs.
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-- expands into two programs. this weekend at 8:00 on c-span. tonight and tomorrow >>. middle and high school students, as you work in your documentaries, here are a few tips from our judges. >> one thing i look for when watching your videos is you, the students. i want to see you and your personality and that helps make your video stand out from the rest. >> what i like to see most in thecam and -- in this to cthe sm entries is your interest. if you are not interested, then we might not be there. >> 1 tie-breaker lester was a requirement on using cspan video. i am looking for videos where people have looked at the cspan of video and used to the elements that were most important to tell a compelling story. >> for all the rules, go to
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students this morning, the cato institute with a line by line analysis of the federal budget and recommendations for cuts. then, democratic national committee board member discusses the future of the democratic party and president obama's relationship with rank-and-file democrats. later, the editor of kipling years of finance will offer some year end advice for 2010 "washington journal. is next. ♪ host: good morning. today is saturday, december 11. ye


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